Houston pump valve exhibition in the United States TPS 2022.9.13


American Houston pump valve (TPS) is North America's most influential exhibition of the pump valve and fluid machinery exhibition. Began in 1972, the exhibition of high degree of specialization. By the international turbine Laboratory (Turbomachinery Laboratory) and the Texas A&M university jointly hosted.In recent years, has been more and more attention worldwide.TPS the Houston pump valve shows in the us the last exhibition area of 25000 square meters, has 416 companies are from China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Italy, Bulgaria, dubai, Singapore, Mexico, etc., the number of exhibitors 22800 people.TPS the Houston pump valve shows in the us on the number of exhibitors and exhibition area has hit a new high. For rotating equipment engineers and technical personnel all over the world provides a communicate BBS; With its mechanical impeller, pump, oil and gas, petrochemical, electric power, aerospace, the influence of the chemical industry, water, etc.