Ball Valves 1/2”~2”800Lb~1500Lb FNPT/SW Flexible Operating With Pipe Connection
3 Piece Forged Steel Ball Valves
Size: 1/2”~2”

Pressure rating: 800Lb~1500Lb

Body material: Carbon steel /Stainless steel / Alloy steel /Special ( Monel /Inconel /Hastelloy etc.)

End connection: FNPT/SW

Operation:Lever/Gear/Motor/Pneumatic actuators 

Seat type: Soft seat/Metal seat

Design: Blow-out proof stem design, Anti-static design and API 607 Fire Safe Design

Bore: Full Bore and Reduced Bore

Product Overview:
Athena 3 Piece forged steel floating ball valve
- Configured in a forged bolted three-piece split-body design with a small diameter, main used in major industrial applications.
- The Forged Body made from A 105 Carbon Steel and Forged SS 304 or Forged SS 316 can be available on request.
- The end connections of valves are socket weld, Screw End, butt weld end valves and flanged valves.
- The valve structure design included trunnion ball valve & floating ball valve with complete certification API 608.
- Flexible Operating With Pipe Connection. Providing the PTFE/CFT as Seat and Seal.
- Designed as per BS 5351 or API 602. The leaking level meets the standard and project medium requirement
- Can operate at very high temperatures up to 300-degree Celcius or high pressure up to 9000 PSI for special applications.

Athena manufactures valves from genuine guaranteed raw material with material test certificates, hydraulic test certificates, MTC 3.1. available with all supply. Also, we can provide valves with third party inspection agencies.

Partial List of Applications:

- Oil & Gas Pipelines
- Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
- Power Generation
- Gas and Coal Fired Turbines
- District Heating
- Gas Measurement Systems
- Offshore Platforms
- HIPPS Systems
- Cryogenic Service Applications
- Emergency Shut Down Valves
- Pulp & Paper
- Mining
- Boiler Steam and Drain Applications