Basket Type Strainers
Basket Type Strainers

Product Overview: Basket Type Strainers is also called bucket type strainer Used for pipeline medium filtration.Athena basket type strainers can be used on oil or other liquid pipelines to remove debris from the pipeline. The filter hole area is 2-3 times larger than the diameter pipe area. It is far more than the filtering area of Y-type and T-type filters. The filter precision is one of the best filters in the filter.Designed for large capacity straining and ease of maintenance.economical protection for pumps and other mechanical equipment.basket strainer manufacturers Athena engineering S.R.L provided the best solution for project with basket type strainers.


Size: 2”~24”
Pressure rating: 150Lb~600Lb
Body material: Carbon steel /Stainless steel / Alloy steel /Special ( Monel /Inconel /Hastelly etc.)
End connection: RF/RTJ
Basket:Available in 1/32”, 1/16”, or 1/8” perforations and 40 mesh and 80 mesh - 316 Stainless Steel
Mesh lined baskets - 10 x 10 to 500 x 500 mesh
Numerous materials of construction such as stainless steel, copper nickel, monel, aluminum bronze,
And others for corrosive environment
ASME Section VIII,  supplied with complete pressure material traceabilitydesign for high pressure and temperature

Partial List of Applications:

- Oil & Gas Pipelines
- Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
- Power Generation
- Gas and Coal Fired Turbines
- District Heating
- Gas Measurement Systems
- Offshore Platforms
- HIPPS Systems
- Cryogenic Service Applications
- Emergency Shut Down Valves
- Pulp & Paper
- Mining
- Boiler Steam and Drain Applications
body material:Carbon steel /Stainless steel
end connection:RF/RTJ