BALL VALVE 1/2'-20'Up to 10 KGS/CM2 Operated Manually Or Actuated Using Valve Actuators
Size: Floating Ball Valves 1/2'-20'

Pressure rating: Up to 10 KGS/CM2

Body material: Carbon steel /Stainless steel / Alloy steel /Special ( Monel /Inconel /Hastelloy etc.)

End connection: SW/RF/RTJ/BW/NPT 

Design: Fire safe design as per API-607
Cavity filler available Full bore
2-piece fabricated jacket, welded to valve body
Double sealing of body insert
One piece body design
Adjustable and maintenance-free stem sealing with additional O-ring
Product Overview:

Athena Jacketed ball valves
- The standard jacketed ball valve is made using cast carbon steel and stainless steel materials. Also can be made of other special materials upon request by the customer.
- Have jackets that cover the body from one flange end to the other flange end. The valve body is altered by adding oversized flanges.
- Connections that can be used between the valve and the pipeline include threaded end and flanged end connections.
- All jacketed ball valves are tested after constructing or welding jackets to the valve body.
- Good heating jackets that provide high-temperature oil or steam over the valve body and ball parts. Help in heating or cooling the flow media to keep the media in the required state and prevent seizing or crystallization.
- Some of the fluids that can be used as heating media in steam jacketed ball valve include thermic fluid oil, steam, and hot water.
- Generally used in media such as liquid sulfur and bitumen.

- Can be operated manually or actuated using valve actuators (electric and pneumatic actuators).

Partial List of Applications:

- Oil & Gas Pipelines
- Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
- Power Generation
- Gas and Coal Fired Turbines
- District Heating
- Gas Measurement Systems
- Offshore Platforms
- HIPPS Systems
- Cryogenic Service Applications
- Emergency Shut Down Valves
- Pulp & Paper
- Mining
- Boiler Steam and Drain Applications